HIT Modernization

A leading provider of  health information technology (HIT) products, services and solutions to the private and public healthcare systems. We have the expertise, resources and partners to  implement most services you need from analysis, design, integration, storage, security, and whatever we can do to assist you in the most secure, efficient, cost-effective and supportive manner.

Healthcare IT Security

InteliMed is vendor-agnostic.  We don’t just sell products.  We focus strictly on securing your technology and data, through best-of-breed solutions, both commercially available and newly emerging (from what was once reserved for the protection of our national security network).  We are battle-tested and prepared to apply our knowledge, experience and unmatched success to the United States Healthcare System. “Our Core Competencies” Include:

  • HIT Infrastructure Vulnerability Testing and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting
  • End-to-End Security Enforcement
  • Inspect and Secure all Communication Traffic –Immediately Blocks Known Threats
  • Industry’s Fastest Threat Emulation
  • Unmatched Malware Protection
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Compliance Management
  • Patient Data and Critical Assets Protection and Integrity

Other Core Competencies

  •  IT Technical Consulting Services – Providing advice or expert opinion on technical matters related to the use of information technology. Includes: advice on matters such as hardware and software requirements, procurement, systems integration, and systems security.
  • IT Design and Development Services – Providing technical expertise to design and/or develop an IT solution such as custom applications, networks and computer systems.
  • Custom Software Application Design and Development Services – Designing the structure and/or writing the code necessary to create and/or implement a software application.
  • Database Design and Development Services – Designing the structure and content of a database and/or writing the code necessary to create and implement a database (data warehouse).
  • Custom Programming and Integration Services – Designing the structure and writing the computer code as necessary to design, develop, and implement custom software applications, programming for web-sites, databases, cross-industry or packaged software integration. Services include adapting (modifying, configuring, etc.) any existing application so that it is functional within the clients’ information system environment. May include custom programming and training.