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PT/INR Patient Self-Testing is a Medicare covered diagnostic PT/INR test performed once-a-week by a patient in their home.

  • Due to the volatility of Coumadin®™ (Warfarin) and its varying effectiveness from one patient to the next, finding the precise dose that is perfect for one particular patient requires frequent testing of blood coagulation rates.
  • Studies have shown that the most effective frequency of PT/INR testing for patients on Coumadin®™ (Warfarin) is once every seven days. Testing less frequently increases the risks of complication to the patient.
  • Patients on Coumadin®™ (or warfarin) are required to have periodic PT/INR tests to help their physician manage their Coumadin®™ dosing regimen.
    • Historically, the patient would travel to a clinic to have their blood drawn and their PT/INR analyzed.
  • Recently, several high profile clinical trials have shown that once-a-week in-home PT/INR testing has dramatic benefits to the patient compared with monthly testing at the lab.
    • Testing once-a-week at home, patients studied showed a decrease across the board in complications associated with Coumadin®™ therapy.
    • Additionally, weekly testing showed that patient PT/INR levels were safely within their therapeutic range 30% more than with monthly lab testing.
  • In response to this compelling data, Medicare expanded reimbursement coverage for weekly patient self testing.

Benefits of Self-Testing

A ten-year follow-up of the Early Self-Controlled Anticoagulation study (ESCAT) demonstrated a 33% increase in survival compared to conventional therapy.1

An analysis of studies on Patient Self Testing revealed that “patients capable of self-monitoring their warfarin therapy could benefit from a 1/3 reduction in death from all causes.”2

  • Decrease TE (stroke) events by 55%
  • Decrease Major Hemorrhagic events by 35%
  • Decrease “all cause” mortality by 39%


PST allows the patient the freedom to enjoy anywhere testing while still working with their
physician to manage their Coumadin®™ or Warfarin therapy.

PST improves clinical outcomes, with reductions in TE (stroke) and hemorrhagic events.1

1 Koertke, H. et al. Ann Thoracic Surg 2007; 83: 24-9
2 Heneghan, C. et al. Lancet 2006; 367: 404-11

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