Integrated Physical Security


A leading provider of all physical security products, services and corrective maintenance solutions, contained within the NAICS (code) 561621, “Comprehensive Security Systems Services,” to the federal government. We have the expertise, resources and partners to manage the most complex, geographically-dispersed facilities without any degradation in service, call center experience, with guaranteed technical response times within 24 hours or less.

Key Differentiators

  • Strategic partnerships with the most comprehensive, market leading, physical security companies in the world.
  • Former Military Intelligence Officer with unmatched physical security experience with the Army and NSA.
  • Exceptional experience with the design and development of complex  technology applications, solutions and services.
  • Extensive success with nationwide customer training, deployment and adoption of security applications and services for over 2,000 medical facilities dispersed throughout the entire United States.
  • Published success in creating, developing, and leading companies valued over $150 Million.

Core Competencies

Consistent quality for your installations on a local, regional and national basis  Quality of workmanship is guaranteed to your satisfaction, including:

  • Systems installed to meet all design and performance specifications
  • Extensive quality testing to ensure proper operation and functionality
  • Validates proper operation of your security systems installation
  • Installation and commissioning of video surveillance security cameras
  • Access control system installation and commissioning
  • Fire Detection Systems and Fire Alarm Systems installation and commissioning
  • Intrusion detection system installation and commissioning

Focused Expertise

  • Expert maintenance of all of your installed business security systems
  • Maintenance and repair services for commercial intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems
  • Access control system maintenance and repair
  • Video surveillance system and security camera maintenance
  • Maintenance and service of Fire Detection systems, Fire & Life Safety Systems and Emergency Systems
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of elevator security systems
  • Rapid maintenance service helps minimize unexpected interruptions
  • Telephone and web-based scheduling,24 hours a day
  • Reliable service and fast response when it matters most